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The Vogue Agent (VA) is a luxury-focused online shopping service specialising in handbags, jewellery, clothing, and accessories. It was founded in 2021 by Svitlana Pelaheichenko and  Alessandra Sandler, a passionate shopper who takes pride in sourcing the most exclusive and hard-to-find items for her clients. VA operates globally and provides a personalised shopping experience 24/7 through its international team.
The company is dedicated to ensuring its clients' satisfaction, even if it means sourcing items in colors not currently available in their countries. VA's extensive network of international suppliers enables them to fulfil their clients' desires.

Our Service

Shopping Concierges

Our company offers a new way to shop for luxury items tailored to your preferences and convenience. With our extensive network of experienced stylists and fashion professionals, we can provide you with various personalised shopping experiences that cater to your every need.

Whether you're searching for a rare luxury item, a tailor-made outfit, or a shopping weekend in one of the world's fashion capitals, we can make it happen. We cater to both individuals and corporate clients, offering image consulting, international etiquette training, personal shopping, gift assistance, and a shopping concierge.

Our team of Shopping Concierges, located around the world, has access to exclusive luxury boutiques and can provide private tours of renowned brand factories and stores. We can find any luxury fashion item you desire: a couture gown, a limited edition watch,  fine drinks or an exclusive pair of sneakers.

We can secure your request and deliver it anywhere in the world, all from the convenience of your phone. Choose us to redefine your luxury shopping experience.


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