How to Identifying a Fake Hermes Bag

How to Identifying a Fake Hermes Bag

Hermès luxury handbags stand as the most sought-after globally, notably with the iconic Hermès Birkin bag taking the lead. Worn by celebrities, royalty, heads of state, and fashion-forward women worldwide, these exceptional handbags command attention. Given their remarkable popularity and a price range spanning from £8,500 to over £500,000, it comes as no surprise that the Birkin bag holds the dubious distinction of being the most counterfeited bag in history. Safeguarding against the acquisition of fake Hermès bags is crucial, prompting the question: How can one discern an authentic one?

Identifying counterfeit Birkin bags can be particularly difficult, as some replicas are remarkably convincing, making it challenging to discern the telltale signs of their authenticity. The complexity is compounded by the fact that authenticators, well-versed in Hermès bag authentication, hesitate to divulge all detection methods to avoid inadvertently aiding counterfeiters in improving their imitations.

Ensuring the authenticity of your Hermès bag is most reliable when purchasing directly from Hermès (good luck with that) or through a reputable third party service such as BabaBebi. However, if you've acquired a bag through a gift or from another source, verifying that you've received what you paid for becomes crucial. Moreover, familiarising yourself with the intricate details that confirm the genuineness of your Hermès bag adds another layer to appreciating its distinctive beauty.

The Hermès Dust Bag

hermes dust bag real vs fake
As evident, the logo on the left appears counterfeit when compared to the authentic one on the right. Additionally, a notable distinction lies in the coloration – the fake dust bag exhibits a red hue, contrasting with the genuine counterpart's gray shade. Further, observe the real dust bag, which features two circles. Examine the carriage wheels, noting that the smaller one has 10 spokes, while the larger one boasts 12.

UV Light

Hermes box uv light
Broadly speaking, utilizing UV light serves as merely one among several techniques to verify the authenticity of a Hermès box. It is advisable to employ this method in conjunction with others, including scrutinizing the box material, evaluating printing quality, and considering additional details unique to the specific item under authentication.

The Embossed Logo

Hermes Embossed Logo  real vs fake
The primary examination starts with the iconic Hermès logo, an embossed stamp positioned beneath the flap on the front of the bag, just below the stitching.

Authentic logos should display the inscription "Hermès Paris Made in France" over three lines, with the lettering gradually decreasing in size on each line. Genuine Hermès bag logos feature block letters that are uniformly spaced, maintaining equal gaps between the lines. However, given the embossed nature of the letters on the bag, the texture of the leather or skin may impact the lettering. Consequently, certain parts of the logo might exhibit lighter or absent embossment or show spreading to adjacent letters.

Conversely, most counterfeit Hermès bags incorporate printed or pressed-in lettering. The letters often lack consistency in terms of font, size, or orientation, and the spacing between letters may be irregular. Additionally, the accent over the second E in HERMÈS might appear too faint or be entirely absent.

The Stitching

hermes bag Stitching real vs fake
Every authentic Hermès bag undergoes meticulous handmade craftsmanship, including painstaking hand-stitching. This meticulous approach results in stitching that is intentionally not perfectly symmetrical across the entire bag, imparting a unique touch to genuine Hermès handbags. Hermès stitches typically exhibit a subtle upward slant, and although mostly singular, some double stitches may be noticeable, particularly on the clochette and the back of the bag where the handles are attached. It's important to note that Hermès artisans complete the stitching inside the bag under the flap, so slight imperfections in that area are not uncommon.

Conversely, counterfeit Hermès bags are often machine-stitched, featuring uniformly straight and small stitches. Even in cases of hand-stitched counterfeit Hermès bags, they lack the distinctive pattern characteristic of an authentic bag. The presence of machine-perfect stitching serves as a clear indicator distinguishing a fake Birkin from a genuine one.

The Hermes Bag Shape

hermes birkin shape real vs fake
Authentic Birkin bags have well-proportioned dimensions. Counterfeit bags may have discrepancies in size or proportions, with details like the width, height, or depth not aligning with the standard measurements.

The Hermes Hardware

Hermes hardware real vs fake
Authentic Hermès bags feature metal hardware that is consistently plated or finished with genuine precious metals, primarily palladium or gold. In some rare instances, brushed gold, rose gold, or ruthenium finishes may be found. The hardware on new bags is meticulously sealed in plastic for protection. Notably, the plaques or hardware on the sangles of Birkin and Kelly bags bear the engraving "HERMÈS-PARIS." On gold-plated bags, a small box follows the "PARIS" with intricately inscribed tiny writing inside, typically requiring a loupe for readability. This box is absent on palladium-plated bags. While the font and spacing of this engraving may vary, counterfeit bags often fail to replicate the precision of lettering found on authentic Hermès bags.

Other elements of the hardware also contribute to authentication. For instance, on genuine Birkin and Kelly bags, the feet are securely fixed and cannot rotate or detach. Similarly, the toggle and back plate should be firmly secured, with the toggle turning smoothly.

Lastly, the rivets responsible for holding the hardware in place exhibit a distinctive squared top, a feature challenging to replicate accurately on fake Hermès bags. These nuanced details collectively serve as valuable indicators of the authenticity of Hermès bags.

The Hermes Bag Interior

hermes bag interior real vs fake
The majority of recently manufactured Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags boast an interior lined with chevre or goatskin—a lightly textured and highly resilient leather with a subtle sheen. Conversely, counterfeit Birkins and Kellys often feature linings made of regular leather or faux leather, lacking the luxurious richness characteristic of chevre. The distinctive quality of the interior lining serves as a noteworthy indicator in discerning authentic Hermès bags from counterfeit ones.

The Hermes Lock & Keys

hermes keylock real vs fake
The lock of an authentic Hermès bag is intricately engraved with the brand name "HERMÈS" on the bottom, harmonizing with the other hardware elements on the bag. The engraved number on the lock should correspond to the number on the accompanying keys. These keys are typically tethered with a leather string and neatly housed within the leather clochette. In contrast, counterfeit Hermès bags may exhibit discrepancies, such as mismatched hardware or lighter-weight lock and keys. Additionally, fake Birkins and Kellys may have keys that do not fit seamlessly inside the clochette, serving as a potential red flag for authenticity.
In authentic Hermès bags, both the lock and keys exhibit a smooth and flawless finish without any burrs or blemishes. Conversely, replicas of Hermes Birkin bags often feature hardware made from basic metal with gold or silver coating. Furthermore, a discernible difference lies in the font used for engraving on the two handbags. The authentic version showcases neat and clear engraving, as illustrated in the left picture. This stark contrast in quality serves as a clear indicator when distinguishing between a fake and a genuine Hermès bag.
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